The substance Finasteride may sound familiar to you. The drug has been used for many years to stimulate hair growth in places where it has disappeared. For more information about Finasteride and the development of the alternative product Keratene Retard, please visit the Finasteride page.


Minoxidil is a known hair tonic which has, in recent years, been replaced by some by the new and hair tonic Nanoxidil, the safest around. Our website clearly explains the development of the hair tonic and the benefits of Nanoxidil

Revita Shampoo

Pro Hair Clinic is happy to introduce the effective hair tonic Revita. Our website lists the characteristics of the shampoo, and also includes handy user instructions and some key facts about the product. Our dedicated Revita Shampoo page also contains an overview of all our products. 


Hair loss, thinning hair? 

Prohairclinic Scalp Micro Hair Pigmentation 
Prohairclinic FUE Hair transplantation

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